Mounds Heritage Trail

The Mounds Heritage Trail showcases the culture that once existed in The Confluence. This was the center of the largest civilization in North America 1,000 years ago.

The Mounds Heritage Trail connects Missouri and Illinois with a multi-use trail that interprets the rich cultures and communities of the past and present. The Trail links the World Heritage Site of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site with the historic Mounds Sites in East St. Louis, Old North St. Louis and to Sugar Loaf Mound in South St. Louis. This Trail provides a unique blend of historical, cultural, and natural features. Along the 15-mile route, one can visit mound sites, museums, historic buildings, cultural landmarks, and much more.

The Mounds Heritage Trail combines the slower-paced opportunity of a bikeway for cyclists and pedestrians with the convenient opportunity of an auto tour for those with limited time or mobility.

The Confluence Partnership led the development of the Mounds Heritage Trail Master Plan and Mounds Heritage Trail brochure with representatives from government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities and individuals committed to preserving and interpreting these unique resources.

Download the Mounds Heritage Trail plan here.

Download the Mounds Heritage Trail brochure here.

Funding Provided By: The Norman J. Stupp Foundation