Tips For Selecting An Excellent Drywall Installer

Just like painting, dry walling is also a fairly complex and time-consuming job. Aside from being experienced, a good drywall installer should be highly skilled, given how all the small imperfections will become noticeable once the painters have finished their work. That is why every homeowner should strive to hire a reputable, skilled, and experienced contractor.

However, this is exactly where many homeowners tend to make a mistake of hiring the first contractor they come across. While there are plenty of highly capable contractors out there, it is no secret that there is also a large number of those who offer subpar services.  If you want to hire one yourself, stay with us, as we will try to show you how to select an excellent drywall installer.


lkdnvslaknvlaslvnaslknvlkasnvasdvdsaYour first step should involve getting as many references as you can. For that matter, you should ask your family members, friends, and acquaintances whether they have any experience with certain contractors or if they know someone who has. You should ask them if they were satisfied with the contractor and with the work itself. If they have good experiences, they will undoubtedly point you in the right direction. If not, they will tell you to steer clear of certain contractors. This will help you make a concise list of potential contractors you could hire.

Check online listings and phone books

Aside from getting references, you could also look for various advertisements, both online or in the phonebook. Keep in mind that all reputable drywall installers will have plenty of advertisements, to spread the word about their skills and expertise. If a contractor has the resources to properly advertise its business, it is highly likely it runs a fairly successful business.

Get a number of quotes

These days, drywall installation prices are quite competitive, especially because the real estate market is highly unpredictable and unstable. To get the best price, you will have to do some research and price comparisons. A reputable drywall contractor will come to inspect your household before providing their quote and commencing the project. Don’t forget to seize this opportunity and ask them any questions that you may have.

Avoid the lowest quote

Even though you should look for a contractor who will not break your budget, you should not base your decision solely on the price. You should also take into consideration their policy on any touch-ups. What if they do a poor job? What if the nails start popping out of the wall once they have finished the project? What is their policy on that? You should also inquire about the guarantees, as well as any subcontractors they may hire.

A matter of experience

lskdnvlskadnvlksldkvnslakdnvlksandnsakdnvlasdvsadLastly, don’t forget that drywalling is a complex procedure, one that requires plenty of experience, in addition to the skills and equipment. For that matter, you should look for a contractor who has been in the business for at least five years. Hire a rookie contractor, and you will surely end up with extra costs and less-than-impressive work.

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